SCR888 has been rebranding to 918kiss and all games are remain unchanged.The award winning 918Kiss Casino is Malaysia’s best slot and casino games platform.

Slots offered at 918Kiss and other online casinos are designed to offer a random setting. There is a very well-known myth around slots that they are designed with low and high payouts that manifest after certain spins.

The misconception is that the hot slots payout more money at a certain time while cold slots do not payout at a certain time (after certain spins).

The reality is that there are no hot and cold slots at 918Kiss casino or any other online casino for that matter. All casino games operate on a random number generatormechanism that generates outcomes on a completely random basis. This eliminates the possibility of hot and cold slots.

Slot outcomes are completely random

So as mentioned-above, slot games are completely random. The random number generator in all 918Kiss casinos produces a random outcome after you pull the lever or press the spin button on your Android device. So it doesn’t matter what slot machine you choose. However, different slot games do offer different payouts. To learn about the pay to wager ratio for each game, you need to check the paytable for each game before you actually start investing your time and money in the game.

How to really win at 918kiss slots

There are two main key factors in the case of winning at 918kiss slot video games: persistence and luck. Players can never manage or control their luck. However, players are able to identify when they are affected by good luck.  With this, players can manipulate and strategize their betting time to win. Below are some tips that were being utilized by some profitable 918kiss slot players:

  • Bet randomly & stay out of progressive plays

Performing randomly will help to bring more random wins as compared to progressive plays. Using progressive plays in slot games will only result in losing a lot. Therefore, players should perform randomly in order get wins typically.

  • Utilizing no-deposit credit option for new players

Online casinos are operated by companies. They will be always generating ideas in order to bring in new players within the door and build good relation with existing players. With such no deposit credit option, new players will have an amount of credit deposited to their accounts without having to request. This allows the new players to begin easily and gives them an opportunity to win without having to shed out cash.

  • Play at multiple differrent online casino

Every online casinos will definitely have different payouts and bonusses. Therefore, players should always survey and browse the Internet in order to identify the online casinos that gives the best payout. With this technique, you may get multiple no deposit credit as a new player at certain online casinos with the best payouts.

The casino takes a percentage of what you wager

If you have been playing for a long time, you already know that the casino takes away some percentage of the money you invest each time. 918Kiss and other prominent online casinosusually take 2% from every wager. For example, if you wager $10 at a time, the casino keeps $2.

Small winnings are actually not winnings away all

Small winnings are more appropriately known as ‘false wins’. These winnings simply refer to the slot machine prizes that are much less than the investment made by the players. For example, if you have invested $100 in a 918Kiss game and you win $20 after a long cycle of spins, the casino will make it look like you have had an incredible win by celebrating it. This gives a false feeling of success to the player and hence encourages them to keep playing. When you log into your 918Kiss casino account, make sure that you have a budget so you don’t go off tracks with these false wins.

Final thoughts

Professional 918Kiss slot players have one thing in common: they seek to understand the gamebefore they actually invest their money. Knowing the innermost secrets of the slots can help you know how to refine your gambling strategy and choose slots that have the most potential of paying out the most money. So next time you approach a slot machine whether on an online casino or in a traditional casino, remember the above-mentioned rules to increase your prospects of winning substantial money.


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